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Yang Tai Chi
Yang Style TaiChi
When the School of Tai Chi and Esoteric Arts was established it was with one goal in mind: to help people on their path toward Self Knowledge.
TaiChi allows students to get an awareness of the energy in their body, to increase it and harmonize its flow. It will open the mind and, more especially, the heart.
David Fiske uses techniques drawn from a variety of disciplines learned over 40 years of a dedicated personal search. His Kundalini Shakti rose to his Sahasrara in 1962. During 1962 -76 spent years with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, studied, lectured and taught meditation in Europe, Scandinavia, England, South Africa and India (Jan 1969 to April 1970), (went on the pilgrimage to Amarnath in Kashmir Himalayas) studied, practiced and taught Taoist Tai Chi and related arts for 24 years and who has (as a spiritual discipline) gardened organically and kept bees since 1984.

Chinese Broadsword
The Chinese broadsword is about 31 inches long, curved like a sabre. With one sharp edge its martial art applications are primarily cutting and slashing. The broadsword allows students to learn how to use the spine, spiralling and turning it to make the arm motions. This gives the internal organs massage and opens up energy pathways.
The Broadsword Tai Chi set is a way of cultivating energy and is part of the internal systems from China. We raise the energy up the spine into the head, especially from heart to head using special exercises for this. Participants will learn how to increase and harmonize energy. This is suitable for men and women. Indeed women are encouraged. There were some famous female pirates! It is a good way to see what knowledge is available while having ancient fun with a broad sword.

Lok Hup
Lok Hup Ba Fa (Six Harmonies & Eight Methods)
Originated by Chen Hsi-I, a Taoist sage of the 10th century, Lok Hup Ba Fa (or Liu He Ba Fa) is the internal art par excellence.
Its moves are designed to stimulate and massage the internal organs of any practitioner of this form.Similar to the Tai Chi set, Lok Hup consists of moves that exercise the body internally which benefits the health of your spine, digestive system, breathing and all bodily functions.
Movement originating from the spine forms the essence of Lok Hup and this art is most effective for students who have already developed some degree of spinal articulation through Tai Chi.
It was Master Moy's prime form. He said that the more you understand internal energy the more you realise that Chen Hsi I (the originator of Lok Hup Ba Fa) knew more about the internal workings of the body than Chang San Feng ( the attributed originator of Tai Chi).
Master Moy said that the first move of Lok Hup Ba Fa did more for the spine than the whole 108 moves of the Tai chi set.

Hsing I
Hsing I
This is an ancient form of Kung Fu dating to the 12th century that I teach as a way for strengthening the body and cultivating energy. Its particular half step applies a sort of squeeze to the body that thrusts energy from feet to fist.
It gives great flexibility to the spine and co- ordinates feet and hand movements. It is a wonderful way of opening up the spine. The silk reeling movements also open up the heart area and massage the internal organs.
Absorbing the quality of the animal into a particular move gives this form a unique feel.Students were introduced to the concept of "Wuchi". Wuchi means without polarity. When you stand at the start of the set in Wuchi, everything is rounded, singular and complete. Then, as you form the intention, from Xin (emotional mind, heart) and Yi (thinking mind) Yin and Yang begin to express themselves. Yang, offensive, extending, rising, hard, and Yin, defensive, closed, sinking and soft.
The set is then done trying to balance the Yang and the Yin, keeping the awareness, to the extent possible, in the empty/full state of Wuchi.

Wild Goose
Wild Goose (Dayan) Chi Kung
Historically Wild Goose Chi Kung is supposed to have originated with Hua Tuo a Chinese physician who lived around 100 AD. He promoted a set of ancient exercises known as Daoyin to help patients who were ill. It was further developed by the legendary teacher Dao An and became preserved as an art by the Kunlun school of Taoism. (The Kunlun mountain range borders on Tibet).
It consists of 128 graceful moves, which work the whole body and exercise all the joints. It is a wonderful system for health maintenance. But it is more than that because the moves aid the student to get an awareness of internal energy. It is an easy way to feel energy, without any of the dangers of attempting this forcefully as some Chi Kung exercises can do.
By moving the body and feeling the moves awareness is lead inside. The moves also promote the movement of energy along the channels and meridians allowing the student to innocently cultivate energy. When done with feeling it allows the heart to connect with the pulse of life and fill the body with this delightfully loving energy.
David was taught by Jing who learned it in Beijing from Yang Mei Jun who is the modern proponent of this art and over 100 years old. He has since researched it and developed his knowledge by assiduous practice and watchfulness. As his background is in meditation he has brought to the Taoist Arts he practices all the awareness of Silence, Light and Bliss that meditation gives.You will find it a fun form to learn and, as it imitates many of the movements of a wild goose allows you to become childlike in your appreciation of movement as delight. It encourages you to connect with the earth energy and uplift your spirit to the sky.

Meditation, Chi Kung and other arts

I began studying yoga and meditation in 1960. Over the years I have come into personal contact with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Transcendental meditation), Master Moy Lin Shin (Taoist Tai Chi), Swami Venkatesananda (Divine Life Society), Joel Goldsmith (Infinite Way), Maharaj Charan Singh (Radha Soami Satsang Beas), J Krishnamurti, M.P. Pandit (Auroville Pondicherry), Tatwalla Baba and Bal Yogi (Rishikesh), Swami Lakshman Joo (Srinagar Kashmir), Sensei Jean Claude (Belgian Aikido master), Sri Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), Satya Sai Baba, Geoffrey Watkins (John Watkins Books) and others. My personal arts are an amalgam of various searches and studying.
I do not think one will discover the internal aspect of the Taoist Arts without silencing the mind, expanding the awareness and purifying the internal energy channels. Without that one could as well go for exercising walks and save the costs of classes.
One will also not learn them from books or DVD’s. Something happens in a class situation with an awake teacher, energy osmosis, the necessary prodding. and the ego loosening that can occur when you have to perform a movement while other students watch, the humility from not being the best..
In my book I give some details of practices I do and taught. Breathing exercises, silent meditation, standing meditations, healing sounds, Chi Kung, Falun Qong and stretches. A Total Path requires Total engagement and this involves a letting go into the Mystery.
In the final result all the Arts bring one to the Heart.


For many years I studied and practised traditional Martial Arts. Inevitably time and serious injuries led me to research other less physically demanding styles. Initially I was not sure that I would find anyone locally who had an understanding not only of the form but also its internal aspects. I attended some classes at 4 local Tai Chi "Schools" and only saw potential at David's School. A year+ later, I can safely say that David's methods will benefit any level and any expectations. Many Tai Chi teachers simply learn the external patterns and rarely achieve any knowledge of the internal arts that truly make practice worthwhile both physically and emotionally. If you just want to learn a few "dance steps" and think you know Tai Chi - that is fine. Many of the "clubs", "associations" or "societies" will provide just that. However, if it's a lasting experience, health, inner peace and real knowledge that you are looking for, then David Fiske is a unique find.
Nelson Laviolette

I am privileged and honoured to have been a student in David Fiske's classes for 12 years. This year he has opened his School of Esoteric Arts which incrporates not only the teachings of Master Moy and tai chi, but also his wisdom, learnings and experiences from his years of study and practice in the art of living. His classes are interesting, helpful, motivational and stimulating. I always feel enriched after these holistic experience which combines the physical, mental and emotional. David is a philosophical, cheerful, personal and motivational teacher. I feel is teachings are most helpful in coping with and transcending the environmental destructiveness, and the injustices of our predominately materialistic society.
Gail Hermiston

I have attended David Fiskes' class for three months and continue to discover and learn from his wisdom and excellent teaching of Tai Chi and other eastern disciplines. I experience and value his methods of teaching that so easily allows you to rest the mind in the energetic field of the body. It is rare to find true rest for the mind without developing a lot of concentration power and David's classes of movement and internal exercises accelerate the opportunity for the mind to rest in its natural spaciousness. I am grateful for the experience of a pure discipline that frees the energy in the body to move and therefore to experience a deep sense of health. No matter how you feel when you come into class, you will feel a enhanced sense of wellbeing and you will know the meaning of a quiet mind and alive body. I attribute this deep peaceful, powerful experience to the art and discipline David teaches as well as to his humble, knowledgeable, consistent style of presentation.
Jocelyn Leyton

As a teacher by profession, I often tell my students, "If you think the same way after taking my course as you did before you took it, you might as well not have bothered to take it at all." The School of Esoteric Arts has given me the opportunity to practice what I preach. David Fiske's uncompromising dedication to each student as well as his insistence that Tai Chi and other exercises be vehicles through which we seek out and discover who we are, has brought about subtle, positive, and empowering changes in all of us. The School of Esoteric Arts may not be for those who are completely content with who they are and how they live. However, I would urge anyone who is sincere about self-discovery and self-development through the harmonious interaction with others to ask David Fiske if he will accept her or him as a student.
Dr. Daniel F. Chamberlain
Department of Spanish and Italian,
Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

"After practising Tai Chi for almost 20 years, I was ready. David Fiske appeared and invited me to study with him. David's decades of Tai Chi practise, Chi Kung and a host of meditation techniques coupled with his truly insightful teaching skills was an opportunity too good to pass up. After only 3 months of working with David my interest in the above esoteric arts has been reawakened. My Tai Chi technique has greatly improved and I've had a glimpse of the incredible personal power available to us all."
Ken Wilson

Having been one of the beginners in David's class I can say that the experience has brought me an amazing break from the busy-ness and stress of my usual life. The atmosphere is supportive and inspirational. I have quickly come to realize that the art of Tai Chi can develop over a lifetime and give satisfaction at even the beginner stage of learning.
Margaret Hughes

David Fiske is highly qualified and experienced in the various techniques and activities described on his web site. He is very conscientious and sets high standards for himself and his students. If you are looking for a serious program to enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development, David’s class is worth your time and energy.
Floyd Switzer (High School teacher) & Dr Nadia Izbitskaya

I consider myself fortunate to have received Tai Chi instruction from David Fiske for more than eight years, initially at the Kingston branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society and recently at David's School of Esoteric Science. When David and the Taoist Society parted ways I did not hesitate to join David and abandon the Society in spite of a paid-up membership. David's profound knowledge of Tai Chi combined with his teaching method of patience, persistence and humour makes him an unparalleled instructor.
John Meulmeester

We have been David’s Tai Chi students for many years. At David’s new School we continue our practice of Tai Chi with the bonus of an added dimension. We are learning complementary practices that enhance our understanding and heighten our self awareness during our Tai Chi practice. David generously shares his extensive knowledge gained over a lifetime of study and devoted practice. Classes are stimulating, inspiring and fun, instilling a sense of well-being and good health.
Don & Sandy Yaxley