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Sample Topics

On Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - "In Germany at a conference hall before some function I went to the washrooms and was just finishing when in comes Maharishi. It was strange to meet him in that place. I looked at the urinals and at his robes and said "I better put a coin in so we can open the toilet door for you." No pockets no money can be a hazard sometimes."

On Master Moy Lin-shin - "Naturally, what one learns on the practice floor is exactly the same for all situations. You do your best because you do it for yourself. Approval or disapproval is not the issue ever. Which is why I was able eventually to do my set alone with him sitting there at D'arcy St Centre not anxious at his presence. His approval or disapproval no longer held any weight over me. It was a pleasant state of neutrality to be in."

On My Experiences - "Students become devotees. Devotees create a guru inevitably. He starts to give them what they want, an authority figure and one to love. The authority figure creates a sense of order and security in the group. Most people like a strong leader who "knows." Someone they can follow. The figure will attract all those who lack their own inner authority. Unfortunately by following they prevent themselves from discovering their own authority for themselves. Followers aren't leaders."

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Book Reviews

“Thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. A real " page-turner"! . At times it was as though the book had been written for me (well, for people like me anyway). Your book was full of gems of wise suggestions and thought provoking ideas, balanced with practical directions for meditation and Chi Kung practice. A good mix, especially with the sprinkling of entertaining stories. It has helped me quite a bit to look at things with new eyes".
( Tai Chi teacher, Canada)

“I enjoyed your book and have started reading it again”.
Irmeli Mattson (Finland)

“I am enjoying your book. It is deep and I have to ponder on what you write.”
Bill Bunting (Tai Chi instructor U.S.A.)