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DF Hello,
My name is David Fiske.
I am nearly 79 years old and have begun to discover unexpected joy and happiness in life. 
See my latest essay “Mist"
The web site is maintained because it contains material possibly valuable for students of "The Way.” You are encouraged to read the essays. They contain most of the teaching I do now.
This website was begun when I started The School of Tai Chi and Esoteric Arts. Afterwards, I took a sabbatical to go around the world on a ticket given me by a woman friend I had met in an Indian ashram in 1969. I was away for 3 ½ months and when I returned decided to close my school. I practise my internal arts daily and continue my growth and exploration but currently no longer accept students.
This web site was originally designed by Leona a beautiful Ghanaian who was in transit in Kingston and briefly a student who wanted me to have my book available. She worked very hard and creatively and got this started. Thank you!
Second edition by William J Hopper a very eccentric pagan philosopher who made useful changes with expanded material. Thank you!
The third & fourth edition came via Nelson Laviolette who was an observant, enthusiastic and talented student.
And now this the fifth edition to reflect my non active teaching status also designed by Nelson. A Big Thank you!
BTW - the fall background picture is a view from the back of my house overlooking Sydenham Lake in Ontario Canada